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​CENTRE IMMOBILIER LEMAN Ville-la-grand allows you to estimate the price per m2 of your house, apartment, Studio Haute-Savoie on our department. This estimation tool is also suitable for all French cities and towns (Ville La Grand - Ambilly - Annemasse - Arthaz Pont Notre Dame - Bonne - Bossey - Cranves Sales - Etrembieres - Fillinges - Gaillard - Juvigny - Lucinges - Machilly - Monnetier Mornex - Nangy - Saint Cergues - Vetraz Monthoux - ...).

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​The estimation results

​​The real estate estimate that we offers is calculated on rent​als​ and property transactions currently ​broadcasted on the ​area of​ VILLE-LA-GRAND (74100).

Prix m2 VILLE-LA-GRAND (74100) ​​Price per m2 %ville% of housing for rent in

Type ​Low average Average High average
12 €/m2 15 €/m2 19 €/m2
8 €/m2 14 €/m2 21 €/m2

Prix m2 VILLE-LA-GRAND (74100) ​Price per m2 %ville% of housing for ​sale​ in

Type ​Low average Average High average
2 744 €/m2 3 579 €/m2 4 827 €/m2
2 155 €/m2 3 498 €/m2 4 518 €/m2

Source Réseau ID : Price m2 VILLE-LA-GRAND

Estimate your property with Centre immobilier leman

Estimate your property is a child's play

​Centre immobilier leman immobilier ​Lacleman ​offers a real estate estimation services to consult the price per m2 of your property in ​Ville-la-grand. This service allows you to make a first estimate from a set of similar housing currently available in ​Lacleman.
Centre immobilier leman immobilier ​Lacleman we recommend to refine the result of price per m2 with ​​the comparative service ​for rental property listings in ​Ville-la-grand.

​With a comparative ads for rent​als​

Estimate your property in Montpellier after a comparative property listings for rent. This method allows you to make projections of rental yields compared to your loan period for the purchase of a house or apartment.



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